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Phiên bản 2.0 4 năm trước

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**GroupXiT is not currently compatible with KitKat 4.4 devices. We are currently developing an update for those devices.**

GroupXiT allows participants within a group or single SMS/MMS message thread to remove themselves with a touch. Each user will create an account located at GroupXiT.com or within GroupXiT’s application where they will be able to manage/review any group messages active or exited.

This is all accomplished without notifying the originator or anyone within that thread that the user has opted out of that group message.

The user will no longer receive direct communication within the native text application on the device once they have opted out of a group message thread. The opted out message will be located within GroupXiT’s infrastructure until the user decides to opt back into that thread, at which time the group thread will return to the native messaging application on the device.

**Currently supports native Text Messages (SMS/MMS). Support for other 3rd party messaging systems is coming soon.**

Features include...

*XiT single thread.

*XiT group thread.

*XiT an individual within a Group Thread.

*Opt-out / out-in function within each thread.

*Group message thread storage: textual, audio, video and pictures.

*User keyword notification.

*User / login signup within application.

*Multiple device synchronization for message opt-out or in.

*Sync contacts with application.

*Works with your existing messaging application.

If you have any issues please email our support staff at <a href="mailto:support@groupxit.com">support@groupxit.com</a> before leaving a negative review.

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Chính sách riêng tư http://groupxit.com/privacy/

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